September 15. 2023

The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Technology

SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Ovens are perfecting baking with the best of both worlds.

In the pursuit of baking perfection, a hybrid combination of the Direct Gas Fired oven and the Impingement Oven is available. This fusion allows you to achieve exceptional results for your products.

SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Oven illustration

The Direct Gas Fired concept is typically employed in the initial stages of the oven line, baking with increased moisture and higher temperatures to create the ideal foundation for the baking profile.

Elevate Your Baking Experience

At its core, this hybrid oven blends the power of Direct Fired ribbon gas burners in the first zones with the convection principle, whether through indirect or direct impingement air. This combination offers a host of benefits that elevate your baking operations to new heights.

Efficient and fast heat transfer is at the heart of this hybrid oven. By eliminating flash heat, it ensures a consistent and uniform baking of your goods. The precise control over humidity guarantees optimal moisture levels, enhancing the texture and taste of your products. With its simple operation, fast changeover capabilities, and full repeatability, the SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Oven provides a seamless baking experience.

Optimized Design for Better Baking

You can rely on its robust and hygienic design, featuring large hinged smart doors and inspection hatches that simplify maintenance and cleaning tasks.

The unique belt tracking system within this hybrid oven ensures reliable transport and precise positioning of your products, ensuring consistent and uniform coloring results every time. Its low and compact design facilitates easy access, both inside and outside the oven, allowing for convenient maintenance and adjustments.

For those seeking optimized moisture utilization, a special variant known as the Direct Impingement Oven is available. This design channels the combustion gas into the baking air, maximizing the efficiency moisture derived from the burner flames.

In environments where stringent cleanliness standards are essential, such as washdown or USDA-regulated ovens, our hybrid ovens rise to the occasion. This is of course also the case for the impingement and direct fired ovens. They feature stainless steel interiors, ensuring compliance with hygiene requirements, while the sloped drain bottom facilitates efficient cleaning and maintenance.

SENIUS Hybrid Oven

Consistent and Uniform Results

The combination of Direct Gas Fired and Impingement technologies in our SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Ovens presents an unconventional solution for bakeries aspiring to achieve improved baking results. Whether you’re seeking enhanced heat transfer, uniform coloring, operator-friendly PLC-controlled operation, or hygienic design, these hybrid ovens deliver exceptional results. Experience the peak of baking excellence with our specialized hybrid tunnel ovens, where innovation and performance come together.

Choose Hybrid – Choose SENIUS

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Ovens and unlock a new level of baking or visit SENUS at iba in Munich at our booth 464 in hall C1 and have a personal talk with our experts on site.

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BONUS: The hybrid oven is available in electrically heated execution as well. You can read more about our electric ovens here.

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