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  • Granola in SENIUS Tunnel Oven

Granola in SENIUS Tunnel Oven

March 12. 2024 Granola and Crunch Production in SENIUS Tunnel Ovens In the world of granola and muesli production, achieving the perfect balance of texture, taste, and structure is essential. At [...]

  • SENIUS Wirecutter

SENIUS Wirecutter

February 22. 2024 SENIUS Wirecutter Making bakery operations easy Designed to streamline your bakery operations, our wirecutter presents a unique feature that sets it apart: It rotates a [...]

Rye Bread on Impingement Ovens

January 11. 2024 Why Choose Electric Impingement Ovens for Rye Bread Production? At SENIUS, we understand the skill behind baking the perfect rye bread. We recognize the importance of precision [...]

  • SENIUS Sales team at iba in Munich 2023.

SENIUS energized IBA trade fair

November 06. 2023 SENIUS Energized IBA Trade Fair The IBA trade fair was a great success for SENIUS, as our booth saw a continuous flow of visitors. At the fair there [...]

  • Illustration on electrical SENIUS oven.

Electrifying Your Existing Oven

October 27. 2023 Electrifying Your Existing Oven - Your Transition to Sustainable Solutions Are you considering making the switch to electrical? Using electricity as an energy source for heating increases efficiency [...]

  • Green cookies with an image of a green leaf illustrating SENUIS electric oven options.

Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens

September 4. 2023 Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens As the call for sustainability continues to grow, businesses are increasingly turning to electrical solutions across various industries. Experience a significant [...]