Direct Gas Fired DGF Ovens

Direct Fired Oven

The Direct Gas Fired concept is typically chosen for the initial stage of the oven line to facilitate baking with higher temperatures and more moisture during the first part of the baking process.

Principal Description

In the Direct Gas Fired Tunnel Oven, the gas ribbon burners are directly incorporated into the baking chamber. The variety of burner types allows for the customization of a unique baking profile for each product.

The burner controls are split into both top and bottom heat settings, further divided into multiple zones.

SENIUS Oven Benefits

  • Each zone is constructed using a flexible number of oven modules, and each module can be equipped with varying numbers of top and bottom burners.

  • Zone lengths are determined based on the specific application, volume, and type of baking.

  • Each zone’s exhaust is managed separately and can be adjusted as needed.

  • The ribbon burners utilize gas as their energy source.

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