Butter Cookies.

Impingement oven for cookies

Cookies, available in numerous variations and flavors, are baked in Impingement Ovens worldwide. Notably, the world-famous butter cookies have been baked using the convection oven principle for over 40 years.

This product category has witnessed significant product development in recent years, and this trend is set to continue in the coming years. Flexibility and process adaptability are paramount for these types of cookies, and impingement/convection ovens are exceptionally well-suited for this purpose.

Which belt to choose for cookie production?

While many ovens in this category utilize solid steel belts for baking, woven wire mesh is occasionally utilized as well. The emphasis on value addition has led to a diverse array of options and accessories for ovens in this segment. Our focus is to tailor the oven precisely to meet the unique needs and demands of every bakery.

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