Choice of combinations

A Wide Range of Options

  • Efficient and rapid heat transfer without flash heat.

  • Hydro band coolers for solid steel baking bands.

  • A comprehensive selection of baking conveyors and baking belts.

  • Jet air coolers for conveyor systems after the oven.

  • Diffusing radiation heat baking options for delicate product surfaces.

  • Dough handling and feeding machines and conveyors.

  • Steel baking band greasing units.

  • Multiple energy sources including gas, oil, and electric.

  • Baking belt return within the oven to optimize energy consumption.


  • Various conveyor configurations

  • Product top brushes

  • Product top trimming

  • Transfer brushes

  • Product stacking solutions

  • Product heat printer

  • Heat recycling solutions

Wire Cutter

SENIUS offers a versatile wire cutter capable of cutting various cookie doughs, even those with inclusions. Height adjustable 3-roller extruder head with direct drive of grooved rollers. Available in 800 to 1200 mm width. Up to 90 strokes per minute.
Stand-alone or integrated in oven control. The extruder head flips 90 degrees for easy tool shift and cleaning.

Greasing Unit

Greasing of solid steel baking bands is often employed to ensure the easy release of products.

SENIUS offers multiple solutions for this application to meet specific demands.

Dough Feeder

SENIUS Dough Feeder is equipped with a large hopper, cross cutter, and bowl tipper. Optionally, a metal detector can be installed.

Available in widths of 800, 1000, and 1200 mm.

Belt Cleaning

Choose from a variety of solutions for cleaning the baking belt, from single steel brushes to scraper systems and combinations of these methods.

Paper Roll-up

For products that require baking on paper, SENIUS offers a paper applicator and paper roll-up system, minimizing operator involvement.

Granola Mixer

SENIUS provides a range of paddle mixers optimized for granola and similar mixing applications.

OGB belt for SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

OGB Belt

OGB belt

Stone belt for SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

Stone Belt

Stone belt

Wire Mesh belt for SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

Wire Mesh Belt

Wire Mesh belt

Steel Belt on a SENIUS Tunnel oven.

Steel Belt

Solid steel belt

Baking trays on a SENIUS tunnel oven

Trays on belt

Trays on belt

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