Choice of combinations

Great variety of options

  • Efficient and fast heat transfer with no flash heatHydro band coolers for solid steel baking band

  • All possible baking conveyors & baking belts

  • Jet air coolers for the conveyor after the oven

  • Diffusing radiation baking option for fragile product surfaces.

  • Dough handling and feeding machines and conveyors

  • Steel baking band greasing unit

  • Gas, oil and electric energy sources for the heat exchanger is possible.

  • Baking belt returned inside oven for optimisation of the energy consumption.


  • Seperate conveyors in many forms

  • Product top brushes

  • Product top trimming

  • Transfer brush

  • Product stacking

  • Product heat printer

  • Heat recycling solutions

Humidity measurements

The circulated air in the baking chamber contains a variable amount of moisture. This amount is controlled by letting new fresh and dry air into the airflow. The amount of new fresh air is regulated by damper motors controlled by integrated humidity sensors.

Heat Recycling

Excessive warm air and combustion gasses are exhausted through the chimneys in each zone of the tunnel oven. A portion of this exessive heat can be recycled into the new fresh air for oven zone or to an external water system for cleaning etc.


Chimneys from each heat exchanger and the exhaust hoods can be supplied or the bakery can choose their own supplier.

Belt cleaning

Various solutions for cleaning the baking belt can be chosen; from single steel brush to scraper system and the combination of these.

Paper roll-up

Some products require baking on paper. SENIUS can install a paper applicator and paper roll-up system, that requires a minimum of operator activity.

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