SENIUS Electric Tunnel Ovens

  • Electrically Heated Impingement (IMP) Ovens
  • Direct Electrically Fired (DeF) Ovens
  • Combinations of the above (Hybrids)

Up to 99.9% heating efficiency

Our SENIUS Electric tunnel oven comes equipped with a range of options and accessories, including an electrical heating system operated and controlled by separate thyristor control.

These features hand you complete control over your oven’s performance, enabling you to optimize energy efficiency to the fullest.

Our ovens are installed world wide in almost any type of application. The modular designed oven sections can be combined and optimised for the specific process requirements.

Go Green with SENIUS

Featuring a customized capacity per zone, our electrical industrial tunnel oven ensures exceptional heat distribution and precise temperature control.

This will give your production superior outcomes and a significant reduction in energy wastage.

The SENIUS Electric oven meets international standards and safety regulations. The quality and reliability of our product are uncompromising.

When it comes to embracing a greener path, every step counts. By investing in our electrical industrial tunnel oven, you can decrease your carbon footprint, and showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Enjoy the effortless electric operation, all while retaining the familiarity of other SENIUS Tunnel Ovens and HMI oven control.

Electric Tunnel Oven Data

  • From narrow to very wide baking width

  • Zone lengths from 4 to 16m

  • Oven length up to 100+ meters

  • Baking temperatures up to 350°C.

  • Various types of baking belts

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic band tensioningsystems

  • Wash down / USDA ovens

Options and Accessories for the SENIUS Electric Oven

  • Conveyors, loaders and retractors

  • Cooling tunnels and band coolers

  • Doughfeeders and conveyors

  • Belt scraping and brushing units

  • Energy saving equipment for ovens

Go Electric in your existing oven

Electrical heating systems for both DGF and Impingement ovens.

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