April 22. 2024

Biscuit Production with SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

Crafting delicious, high-quality biscuits demands efficiency and consistency, precisely what SENIUS delivers with our state-of-the-art tunnel ovens.

Achieving Consistent Quality

A SENIUS oven is meticulously designed to ensure uniformity and quality in every batch of biscuits. Our ovens provide precise temperature control and even heat distribution, resulting in consistent color, texture, and flavor in every biscuit. Whether soft biscuits or hard crackers, our ovens deliver reliable results that meet the highest quality standards.

With Rotary Moulders, Wirecutters, and Stackers

Biscuits and cookies are shaped using rotary moulders or wirecutters to ensure uniformity in results. Rotary moulders are durable machines that are great at shaping soft, short doughs into various shapes and sizes. They also handle tough cookie doughs and pet treats efficiently, offering reliable performance and high-definition shaping capabilities.

Wirecutters offer precise cutting for various dough types and product specifications, including those with inclusions. The SENIUS Wirecutter is designed to streamline your production. Our wirecutter has a unique feature that sets it apart: It rotates a full 90 degrees, making tool shifts, maintenance, and cleaning easy.

After baking, our stackers ensure effortless and efficient stacking of your products, accommodating all types, sizes, and shapes.

Flexibility to Meet Your Production Demands

Our tunnel ovens seamlessly integrate into various biscuit manufacturing processes, with options such as rotary moulders or wirecutters, for efficient biscuit shaping and baking.

The Electric Oven

We prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices, with our electric tunnel ovens featuring energy-efficient heating elements that reduce energy consumption without compromising performance or quality.

Your Partner in Biscuit Production

Choosing SENIUS means partnering with dedicated professionals invested in your success. From consultation to installation and ongoing support, we ensure smooth and efficient biscuit production operations. SENIUS is with you all the way, helping you achieve your production goals.

Contact SENIUS today to explore our tunnel ovens and optimize your biscuit manufacturing process.


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