Retractors and loaders

Retractors and loaders

With SENIUS’ highly experienced engineering staff we design and manufacture simple or very complex product loading and unloading systems.
Retractors and oven loader conveyor units are reliable and innovative solutions to bakeries complex demands for reliable transport of the products.

Granola Loaders

SENIUS provides a special Spreader machine, that through a dedicated design and functions spreads a very even amount and structure of the granola or Müsli products. The hopper is top loaded and it can easily be rolled out for thorough cleaning of the product areas.
For wider baking ovens an other spreading system is available, that uses a retractor belt for the even spread of products.

SENIUS Spreaders and Loaders

  • Spreader machines by rotating separators and conveyor belts.

  • Retracting spreader conveyor solutions with 2D movements

  • Paddle cruncher separator and spreader

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