Hybrid DGF and Impingement Ovens

Versatile and flexible concept

​A hybrid combination of the Direct Gas Fired oven and the Impingement Oven is desired by some bakeries, to bake their products to full perfection. The Direct Gas Fired concept is usually chosen in the first part of the oven line to bake with more moisture and higher temperature in the first part of the baking profile. The baking belt naturally runs through the entire oven length, and the oven controls takes care of the full baking line. To save energy for heating up the baking belt, the return belt can run through the lower part of the baking chamber.

Principal description

This oven is a hybrid of the Direct Fired ribbon gas burners in the first zones and thereafter the well known convection principle, indirect or direct impingement air.

SENIUS oven benefits

  • Efficient and fast heat transfer with no flash heat

  • Uniform colouring and humidity

  • Simple operation with fast change over and full repeatability

  • Hygienic design with large one grip cleaning doors and inspection hatches.

  • Unique belt tracking system for reliable transport and precise positioning of products

  • Low and compact design, easy to access in- and outside.

  • Special Direct Impingement Oven is available where the combustion gas is lead to the baking air for optimized usage of the energy and moisture from the burner flames.

  • Wash down / USDA ovens are available with the required stainless steel inside the oven and with sloped drain bottom.

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