SENIUS Food Equipment

SENIUS Food Equipment designs and supplies process lines for the baking industry. Our offer ranges from single units to complete lines, and customised solutions developed for specific customer needs. Hence we do not consider ourselves just as an equipment supplier, but as much a provider of ideas and solutions which fits the specific needs of the individual client.

Founder Henrik Senius says:

We take great pride in being flexible, fast reacting, and through our very experienced team, to have the ability of providing the right answers to our customers in a quick, reliable, and straight forward manor.


From single Tunnel Ovens to turn-key solutions. Down to earth hands on attitude throughout the entire organisation.
SENIUS means years of baking and industrial oven technology experience. Modern baking solutions, characterized by high quality and outstanding production efficiency, are the results of this valuable know how.


It is our dedicated mission to support the world wide industrial bakeries, through customer focused solutions and fast response.
A personal positive corporation between our partners and the SENIUS team is the passionated business approach.


The core team of SENIUS Food Equipment has many years of experience with industrial tunnel ovens and posses extensive know how from many different areas within the baking industry. We are fast and flexible around the clock.