SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

Industrial baking ovens for bakeries worldwide

Our tunnel ovens are installed globally, catering to a wide range of applications. The modularly designed oven sections can be seamlessly combined and optimized to meet specific process requirements.

Impingement Oven

The versatile and flexible impingement oven concept is the ideal solution for most products. It empowers bakers to swiftly and reliably adjust and optimize the baking profile for each product.

Direct Fired Oven

The Direct Gas Fired concept is typically chosen for the initial stages of the oven line, facilitating baking with higher moisture and temperature during the early baking process.

Baking Solutions

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Welcome to SENIUS – Your Industrial Tunnel Oven Provider

At SENIUS, we are your destination for high quality industrial tunnel ovens.

From standalone Tunnel Ovens to comprehensive turn-key solutions, our expertise and hands-on approach define our commitment to excellence. With a wealth of experience in baking and industrial oven technology, we pride ourselves on delivering modern baking solutions characterized by unparalleled quality and exceptional production efficiency.

Our cutting-edge Tunnel Ovens:

We offer flexibility in energy sources for our tunnel ovens, including gas, oil, and electrical energy, to cater to diverse baking requirements. Our globally-installed ovens span various applications, showcasing our modular design that optimizes oven sections for specific process needs.

We are always happy to open our test bakery doors to clients Here you can see results with your product in our tunnel oven.

Why Choose SENIUS for Industrial Tunnel Ovens?

At SENIUS, we go beyond providing equipment. Here, clients are warmly welcomed and supported in all aspects of tunnel oven and baking equipment installation. We are dedicated to not just delivering ovens but partnering with you in your baking journey, ensuring your success.

Expertise: Years of experience in industrial oven technology.
Tailored Solutions: Customized ovens optimized for your unique processes.
Global Reach: Our tunnel ovens are installed worldwide.
Support: We are committed to assisting clients fast and effective.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced our great baking solutions. Trust SENIUS for industrial tunnel ovens that elevate your baking production to new heights of success.


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