SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

  • Indirect and Direct Impingement Ovens
  • Direct Gas Fired DGF Ovens
  • Hybrid DGF and Impingement Ovens

Industrial Tunnel Baking Ovens

Our industrial tunnel ovens are globally recognized and installed in a wide range of applications. These ovens feature a modular design, allowing oven sections to be combined and optimized to meet specific process requirements.

Preferred Partner Collaborations

Through partnerships with select preferred partners, SENIUS can offer comprehensive solutions using various types and brands of equipment for baking and product handling, both before and after the tunnel oven.

SENIUS, in collaboration with its preferred partners, provides integrated solutions from project planning to installation and commissioning—a true TURN-KEY solution.

Tunnel Oven Data

  • Baking widths available from narrow to very wide

  • Zone lengths ranging from 4 to 16 meters

  • Oven lengths of up to 100+ meters

  • Baking temperatures of up to 350°C.

  • Multiple options for baking belts

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic band tensioning systems

  • Wash-down and USDA-compliant ovens

Options and Accessories

  • Conveyors, loaders, and retractors

  • Cooling tunnels and band coolers

  • Dough feeders and conveyors

  • Belt scraping and brushing units

  • Energy-saving equipment for tunnel ovens

Test center

In the well equipped test bakery in Denmark, we support our clients with product development and baking trials.

SENIUS Tunnel Ovens streamline bakery productions worldwide

SENIUS Tunnel Ovens stand out in the field of industrial bakery equipment, recognized globally for their excellence in enhancing production efficiency and product quality. Our tunnel ovens encompass a versatile range, including Impingement Ovens, Direct Fired Gas Ovens, and Hybrid models, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern bakeries worldwide.

SENIUS Impingement Tunnel Ovens: A solid choice for Industrial Baking

SENIUS Industrial Impingement Ovens are known for their performance and reliability, serving bakeries across the globe with great efficiency. Designed with a modular approach, these ovens offer seamless integration and optimization, ensuring precise control over the baking process to meet the unique requirements of various products.

Our tunnel ovens are meticulously crafted, with each zone featuring multiple 2-meter-long sections, providing tailored solutions for specific baking application. Whether crafting delicate pastries or hearty bread, SENIUS Impingement Ovens deliver consistent results, thanks to their advanced air impingement technology, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the baking chamber.

Experience the Difference with SENIUS Direct Fired Tunnel Ovens

In addition to our recognized Impingement Ovens, SENIUS offers Direct Fired Tunnel Ovens, ideal for applications requiring higher temperatures and enhanced moisture levels during the initial baking stages. With gas ribbon burners integrated directly into the baking chamber, these ovens provide precise control over top and bottom heat settings, allowing for the customization of unique baking profiles for each product.

At SENIUS, we understand the importance of collaboration in achieving comprehensive bakery solutions. From project planning to installation, SENIUS and its preferred partners deliver turn-key solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Upgrade your bakery with SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

Embrace the future of baking with SENIUS Tunnel Ovens and unlock efficiency, versatility, and success in your bakery production. Whether you’re seeking cutting-edge Impingement technology or high-performance Direct Fired solutions, SENIUS has the perfect oven to advance your baking operations.

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