March 12. 2024

Granola and Crunch Production in SENIUS Tunnel Ovens

In the world of granola and muesli production, achieving the perfect balance of texture, taste, and structure is essential.

At SENIUS, we have gathered extensive experience in granola baking. With our state-of-the-art tunnel ovens, we are upgrading granola productions worldwide.

SENIUS’ cutting-edge solutions are meticulously crafted to ensure your granola products maintain their distinctive characteristics while achieving the ideal texture and bite.

This is how we do it:

1) Mixing and Unloading with Granola Paddle Mixer:
Efficient, batch mixing of dry components and binders with consistent quality in every batch. Automated, complete unloading of the mass for further processing.

2) Uniform Spreading:
Our SENIUS Granola Spreader ensures equal spreading of the product onto the oven baking band. Uniform spreading is crucial as it ensures an even bake of the product.

3) Customized Impingement Ovens for Perfect Bakes: 
Embrace the latest trend in granola production with our impingement-style ovens. Tailored to optimize granola structure and texture, these ovens preserve the integrity of your product’s unique characteristics.

4) Air Jet and Hydro Cooling for Efficient pre cooling and conditioning:
Maintain product quality with our advanced cooling solutions. From Air Jet to Hydro Cooling, we ensure efficient pre-cooling that keeps your granola products in pristine condition.

5) Paddle Cruncher for Customized Cluster Sizes:
Our paddle cruncher system is fully customizable, allowing you to create granola clusters of varying sizes to meet consumer preferences.

6) Electric Heating Available:
From reducing environmental impact to optimizing operational costs, our electric tunnel ovens offer versatility and sustainability. The entire process is complemented by user-friendly controls, giving you full control over your baking process.

At SENIUS Equipment, baking solutions are more than just our business – they’re our passion.

We are dedicated to empowering granola producers with the tools they need to achieve their production goals. With SENIUS tunnel ovens, you can elevate your granola production to new heights.

Contact SENIUS today and discover the difference our tunnel ovens can make for your business.

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