SENIUS Green options

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No CO2 emission – sustainable electrical energy

Electrical heating systems for both DGF and Impingement ovens

Our electrical heating systems are designed for compatibility with both Direct Gas Fired ovens (DGF ovens) and Impingement ovens, offering a green and climate-friendly energy supply solution for new or existing ovens.

The absence of combustion gases not only benefits the environment but also results in reduced energy consumption.

Options and Accessories

  • Electrical heating system

  • Separate thyristor control

  • Up to 300KWH per zone

  • Worldwide approvals

  • Rapid replacement into existing oven

Illustration of impingement oven
Illustration of heating elements in tunnel oven

Video SENIUS Heat Exchanger

Video SENIUS DGF from GAS to Electricity

Test center

In our well-equipped test bakery in Denmark, we support our clients with product development and baking trials.

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