Pizza or pizza crust baking is utilizing a high amount of energy in short time, so ovens needs to be optimised for high temperature and high air impingement from either top or bottom or both. Baking belts can be of very many sorts, from open wire mesh to heavy closed balanced weave and even to stone base conveyors.

This means a lot of weight from conveors and products with a lot of energy in high tempertures and with high speed on the baking conveyor.

​These ovens are optimised for fast and easy loading and unloading of the pizzas.

Also easy sanitation cleaning is reguired in this kind of production. Up to 4 cleaning doors in each baking section can be configered.
And if more is needed we can deliver the ovens with wash down exterior and interior design.
Stainless steel materials can be chosen internally as well as externally, and sloped bottoms with drainage is easy to have.

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