SENIUS Multiple Solutions & Application

SENIUS Equipment designs and supplies process lines for the baking industry. Our offer ranges from single units to complete lines, and customised solutions developed for specific customer needs. Hence we do not consider ourselves just as an equipment supplier, but as much a provider of ideas and solutions which fits the specific needs of the individual client.

Cakes in baking tray

The Senius indirect forced convection oven with OGB band is an excellent solution for the baking of many different types of products baked in trays such as, cup-cakes, muffins, pound cakes, madeleines, lady fingers, quiche, pies, tartelettes a.m.

Sponge cake and cake slaps

The Senius convection oven with steel band is widely used for the baking of products such as swiss rolls, mini rolls, layer cake, tiramisu ect. Senius also provides special oven executions for the baking of cake slaps with thicknesses of up to 50 mm. For such applications side guides in either metal plate or silicon strips ensure that the dough stays on the baking band and secures the optimum use of the band width with minimum product waste.

Solutions for granola

Senius can provide complete process solutions for the production of baked granola and muesli products. The Senius solution includes mixing, feeding, baking, cooling, and paddle crunching. With our preferred partners we may also offer solutions for the baked granola bars as an integrated part of the process.

Cookies and soft biscuits

Senius can provide baking solutions for the specific process requirements of various deposited, wire cut, extruded, and moulded products. The most efficient baking method for these products is the indirect forced convection oven. However, in some cases for specific products also hybrid ovens are used where direct gas fired baking and indirect forced convection baking methods are combined to achieve an optimum baking profile for specific products. Senius can provide complete solutions for the production of most types of extruded, deposited, and wire cut cookies, rotary moulded biscuits, jaffa cakes, macarons, a.m.

Hard biscuits and crackers

Senius can provide baking, cooling, and stacking solutions for various types of hard biscuits and crackers. The most common baking method for this product range is the hybrid oven type with the first 30 – 50 % of the baking area being of the direct gas fired type and the remaining part indirect forced convection baking. The execution of the oven is designed to fit the exact requirements of the specific products to be baked. With preferred partners Senius can provide turn-key solutions for the production of this product range.