Forced Cooling Tunnel

Modular cooling tunnel

This modular cooling tunnel is cooled by a number of cooling towers on top of the cooling tunnel itself. The towers have high volumen air fans, filters, cooling coils and water separation cell. The tunnel can be equipped with multiple zones, and each zone consist of a number of 2m. long sections.
The cooling belt can be any kind of plastic food approved belts or the baking belt can run straight through the tunnel.

Principal description

Air is being circulated at high velocity through a large number of holes from either top or top and bottom. The air is cooled down through the cooling tower by cooling radiators using any cooling fluid. The calories from the products are sucked back to the cooling tower and re-cooled before returning into the tunnel.

Cooling after the oven

There are various solutions to use for cooling down the products after the oven. Some products must be cooled down on the baking belt, before transferring the less fragile products to the next steps in the production line.
Other products must be cooled more intensive in forced cooling tunnels in order to take as much heat out of the products before handling and packing.
Hydro baking band cooler by the use of cold water on the backside of the baking band.
Jet air cooler fan units is using the ambient air to blow away the evaporating heat from products. These can also be mounted on the underside of the baking band to remove heat from the band and thereby cooling the products.
Cooling tunnels are using forced air circulation at higher volumes and use a cooling fluid for the intensive cooling of the air.

SENIUS Cooling Tunnel

  • Tunnel sides can be opened on both sides for good access and cleaning

  • Return belt can run through the tunnel or underneath.

  • The materials are stainless steel inside and the tunnel is easy washable.

  • Automatic band steering of the cooling belt.

  • Extra space inside the tunnel for any device to handle the products during the cooling process.

  • The height of the cooling belt can be adapted to the specific need.

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