Forced Cooling

Air Jet Fans employ ambient air to blow heat from products. These units can also be mounted beneath the baking band to cool both the band and the products.

A Hydro Cooler utilizes cold water on the underside of the baking band.

Cooling Tunnels employ forced air circulation at higher volumes and utilize cooling fluids for intensive air cooling.

Cooling After the Oven

Various cooling methods can be employed for post-oven product cooling. Some products require initial cooling on the baking belt before being transferred to subsequent production line steps. Others demand more intensive cooling in forced cooling tunnels to remove as much heat as possible before handling and packing.

Air Jet

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency with SENIUS Air Jet Fans

  • Efficient Cooling:
    Installed after the oven, our Air Jet Fans assist in quickly cooling down products by circulating ambient air around them.

  • Flexible Installation:
    As a standard feature, the fans are positioned on the oven rack, both below and above the oven band. You have the flexibility to install multiple units as needed, with no restriction on the number of units.

Efficient Hydro Cooling

  • Individual Water Basins:
    Each water basin is equipped with a water pump, filter, heat exchanger, temperature regulator, and pressure sensor. These components work together to maintain a stable preset temperature of the water sprayed onto the oven band.

  • Customizable Configuration:
    The Hydro Cooling system can be tailored to your specific needs, with options for temperature transmitters and a 3-way process valve.

  • Reduced Water Consumption:
    Our system comes with individual heat exchangers, which can be connected to an external water chiller. This setup minimizes water consumption while maximizing efficiency.

  • Uniform Cooling:
    Water is sprayed evenly across the underside of the baking band, effectively cooling both the steel band and the products on it.

  • Splashguard Protection & Double Scrapers:
    When the water pump is activated, a brass frame is pressed up towards the band, acting as a splashguard to prevent cooling water from coming into contact with food. The double scrapers ensure that no water leaves the basin, keeping your workspace clean and dry.

  • Air Jet Fans:
    Positioned above and below the steel band, air-jet fans cool the products and promote fast evaporation of any remaining water on the backside.

  • Easy Maintenance:
    Both basins can be easily disconnected and removed for cleaning in a remote location. Additionally, we offer carts for convenient transportation of the basins.

Hydro belt cooling
Cooling tunnel illustration
Baking equipment from SENIUS

SENIUS Cooling Tunnel

This modular cooling tunnel is cooled by a set of cooling towers situated atop the tunnel structure. These towers are equipped with high-volume air fans, filters, cooling coils, and water separation cells.

The tunnel can be configured with multiple zones, with each zone including several 2-meter-long sections. The cooling belt can consist of food-approved plastic belts, or the baking belt can pass straight through the tunnel.

Principal Description

Air is circulated at high velocity through numerous openings, either from the top or from both the top and bottom. The air is cooled through cooling radiators within the cooling towers using cooling fluid.

The heat from the products is drawn back into the cooling tower and re-cooled before returning to the tunnel.

Modular Cooling Tunnel

  • Easy Access
    Tunnel sides can be opened on both sides for easy access and cleaning.

  • Belt Return
    The return belt can either pass through the tunnel or underneath it.

  • High Quality Materials
    Interior materials are stainless steel.

  • Easy cleaning

  • Automatic Steering
    Automatic band steering for the cooling belt.

  • Integration Option
    Ample interior space allows for the integration of devices to handle products during the cooling process.

  • Flexible height
    The height of the cooling belt can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.

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SENIUS Equipment Aps
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