May 24. 2024

Two New Tunnel Ovens in Europe

Our two newest oven installations for different cakes in trays: Impingement Tunnel Ovens Air 10K and Air 12K!

We are very happy with the successful installation of our two latest Impingement Ovens, at two of our valued customers in Europe. These cutting-edge ovens deliver impeccable results with every batch of various cakes in trays, such as Madeleines.

Impingement Oven Air 10K: Featuring a robust design and supreme performance, this Impingement Oven brings an impressive airflow of up to 10,000 m³/h, driven by a powerful 5.5 kW motor per zone. With a generous baking length of 22 meters with 11 oven sections, this oven ensures uniform baking throughout, making it ideal for industrial production.

It combines gas and electric heating, with Zone No. 1 gas-heated at 200 kW and Zones No. 2 and 3 electrically heated at 150 kW each. Equipped with 3 inspection doors and 22 hinged cleaning doors, maintenance is effortless. The OGB-L band, 1220 mm wide, guarantees optimal product transport with a center-to-center distance of 24 meters.

Our other client also needed an Impingement Oven, however, the baking profile of these products required different specifications. We make each oven exactly according to the customers needs and the specifications of the baking profile.

Impingement Oven Air 12K: Designed for maximum efficiency, the Impingement Oven Air12K delivers an airflow of up to 12,000 m³/h, powered by a robust 7.5 kW motor per zone. With a baking length of 16 meters with 8 oven sections, this oven is also excellent for industrial production.

It features three baking zones, with Zone No. 1 electrically heated at 175 kW and Zones No. 2 and 3 gas-heated at 200 kW each. Convenient inspection doors in each zone and 8 hinged cleaning doors on both sides, making maintenance easy. The 1600 mm wide OGB-L band ensures smooth product transfer with a center-to-center distance of 18.83 meters.

In both cases, the currently gas-heated zones can later be converted to electric heating – a future-proof investment in this regard as well!

These state-of-the-art ovens are now producing perfectly baked goods consistently. We are proud to continue our tradition of quality in the baking industry, and we look forward to bringing even more cutting-edge solutions to world-wide customers in the future.

For inquiries about our Impingement Ovens, please contact us today.

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Heating with Gas and Electricity 

SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes
SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes
SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes
SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes
SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes
SENIUS Impingement Oven for cakes

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