January 11. 2024

Why Choose Electric Impingement Ovens for Rye Bread Production?

At SENIUS, we understand the skill behind baking the perfect rye bread. We recognize the importance of precision and quality in every loaf produced.

Rye bread is common in many countries, and SENIUS installs ovens all over the world. Enriched with fiber and minimal fat content, rye bread stands as a nutritional master within breads. However, achieving perfection in its production demands the right equipment, and the SENIUS Impingement Oven rises to the occasion.

Our cutting-edge Impingement Oven will ignite your rye bread manufacturing process.

Versatile Flexibility

Our Impingement Ovens offer a versatile and adaptable concept, allowing bakers to adjust and optimize baking profiles for various products quickly and reliably. With precise control over air speed, temperature, top/bottom heat, and automated humidity settings, bakers maintain complete control over the baking process.

These ovens employ indirect air impingement, enhancing the established convection principle.

Divided into multiple zones, these ovens offer tailored baking belt options to meet specific product requirements. From wire belts like OGB or woven wire mesh for tray-based bread production to solid steel belts, the choices are versatile.

The Electric Model

Our Electric Tunnel Ovens add new levels of sustainability and efficiency in your bakery production. SENIUS Tunnel Ovens offer tailored, eco-conscious solutions for your bread production needs.

To suit your production needs, our Impingement Oven offers various options. Alongside our electric model, the oven is also available with gas fuel as an alternative. You have the flexibility to choose between electricity, gas, or a combination of both to best align with your preferences and requirements.

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