September 4. 2023

Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens

As the call for sustainability continues to grow, businesses are increasingly turning to electrical solutions across various industries. Experience a significant increase in efficiency, achieving up to 99.9% heating efficiency when utilizing electricity as the heat source for your tunnel oven.

Green Energy illustration with Tunnel Oven

In the production sector, the urgency to reduce CO2 emissions has taken center stage. This is why we are excited to introduce our Electrical Tunnel Oven – a seamless and electric solution that empowers you to embrace a sustainable future without any compromise on efficiency.

Why Choose Electrical Solutions?

Recent years have witnessed a substantial surge in demand for electrical solutions. Businesses are actively seeking avenues to transition from conventional methods to greener alternatives.

Key Features and Benefits

    • Sustainable Electrical Energy: By choosing our electrical industrial tunnel oven, you effectively eliminate CO2 emissions associated with combustion gases. This allows you to tap into a green and sustainable energy source while simultaneously reducing your overall energy consumption.


    • Options and Accessories: Our oven comes equipped with a range of options and accessories, including an electrical heating system operated and controlled by separate thyristor control. These features hand you complete control over your oven’s performance, enabling you to optimize energy efficiency to the fullest.


    • Impressive Energy Efficiency: Featuring a customized capacity per zone, our electrical industrial tunnel oven ensures exceptional heat distribution and precise temperature control. This translates to superior outcomes and a significant reduction in energy wastage.


    • Global Approvals: Rest assured that our oven meets international standards and safety regulations. The quality and reliability of our product are uncompromising.


Choose Green Today

When it comes to embracing a greener path, every step counts. By investing in our electrical industrial tunnel oven, you’re not only decreasing your carbon footprint, but also showcasing your dedication to sustainability.

Enjoy effortless electric operation, all while retaining the familiarity of your existing oven and HMI oven control.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our electrical industrial tunnel oven. Alternatively, visit us in Munich at the iba Trade Fair booth 464 in hall C1 to engage in a personalized conversation with our experts.

We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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