Generational change completed

SENIUS Food Equipment is now owned solely by previous co-owners Asbjørn Jensen and Thomas Sehested.

This transition marks the concluding chapter of our recently initiated generational change, and we are ready to take on the future challenges in the industrial baking industry. We will continue our joint journey of delivering best-in-class solutions on competitive terms, in close collaboration with our highly valued business partners.

Henrik Senius continues his engagement as Sales Director, continuing to provide great solutions to our valued clients and business partners around the world.

SENIUS Food Equipment Aps – CVR No.: 31849799
SENIUS Equipment Aps – CVR No.: 34049068
Industrivej 15 – 8830 Tjele – Denmark
Phone: +45 87 99 01 00 – +45 75 89 33 53 –

Asbjørn Jensen, Linda Senius, Henrik Senius and Thomas Sehested at a trade fair.