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Granola in SENIUS Tunnel Oven

March 12. 2024 Granola and Crunch Production in SENIUS Tunnel Ovens In the world of granola and muesli production, achieving the perfect balance of texture, taste, and structure is essential. At SENIUS, we have gathered extensive experience in granola baking. With our state-of-the-art tunnel ovens, we are upgrading granola productions worldwide. [...]

Granola in SENIUS Tunnel Oven2024-03-14T13:53:27+00:00

SENIUS Wirecutter

February 22. 2024 SENIUS Wirecutter Making bakery operations easy Designed to streamline your bakery operations, our wirecutter presents a unique feature that sets it apart: It rotates a full 90 degrees, making tool shifts, maintenance, and cleaning a breeze. We recognize the importance of efficiency in every aspect [...]

SENIUS Wirecutter2024-02-22T13:24:11+00:00

Rye Bread on Impingement Ovens

January 11. 2024 Why Choose Electric Impingement Ovens for Rye Bread Production? At SENIUS, we understand the skill behind baking the perfect rye bread. We recognize the importance of precision and quality in every loaf produced. Rye bread is common in many countries, and SENIUS installs ovens [...]

Rye Bread on Impingement Ovens2024-01-11T13:06:49+00:00

Sweet December: Baking in the SENIUS Test Bakery

December 14. 2023 Sweet December: Baking in the SENIUS Test Bakery This December, our test bakery in Tjele has been busy with some interesting baking trials! Our sales team rolled up their sleeves and dived into trays loaded with cupcakes, muffins, and brownies. Our team loves baking, and this is a huge [...]

Sweet December: Baking in the SENIUS Test Bakery2023-12-14T10:39:59+00:00

SENIUS energized IBA trade fair

November 06. 2023 SENIUS Energized IBA Trade Fair The IBA trade fair was a great success for SENIUS, as our booth saw a continuous flow of visitors. At the fair there was a buzz of excitement, and the collective focus was ENERGY. The trade fair served as a platform [...]

SENIUS energized IBA trade fair2024-01-08T07:42:42+00:00

Electrifying Your Existing Oven

October 27. 2023 Electrifying Your Existing Oven - Your Transition to Sustainable Solutions Are you considering making the switch to electrical? Using electricity as an energy source for heating increases efficiency to 99.9%. At SENIUS, we have a wealth of industry knowledge to guide you towards the best choices for your [...]

Electrifying Your Existing Oven2024-01-31T10:06:30+00:00

SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Oven: The Best of Both Worlds

September 15. 2023 The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Technology SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Ovens are perfecting baking with the best of both worlds. In the pursuit of baking perfection, a hybrid combination of the Direct Gas Fired oven and the Impingement Oven is available. This fusion allows you to achieve [...]

SENIUS Hybrid Tunnel Oven: The Best of Both Worlds2024-01-08T07:43:07+00:00

Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens

September 4. 2023 Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens As the call for sustainability continues to grow, businesses are increasingly turning to electrical solutions across various industries. Experience a significant increase in efficiency, achieving up to 99.9% heating efficiency when utilizing electricity as the heat source for your tunnel oven. [...]

Go Green with SENIUS Electrical Tunnel Ovens2024-01-31T10:07:44+00:00

Meet SENIUS at IBA 2023

June 29. 2023 Meet us at IBA 2023 We are looking forward to welcoming customers, partners and all other visitors to booth 464 at IBA in October. SENIUS is attending the IBA exhibition, "The World's leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry." We are looking forward to [...]

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SENIUS at interpack 2023

April 10. 2023 SENIUS at interpack 2023 Sustainable Green Energy in industrial baking ovens is a hot topic. SENIUS is showing our Green Energy Impingement oven.  And off course we are ready to discuss all our baking solutions with gas fired Impingement and Direct Fired ovens. We will also present our solutions to convert [...]

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​Industrial tunnel baking ovens are installed world wide in almost any type of application. The modular designed oven sections can be combined and optimised for the markets products.


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