October 20. 2022

SENIUS – Service is vital

Continuously baking  with zero interruptions are essential to industrial bakeries.

Industrial baking ovens from SENIUS.

SENIUS will assist with service and spare parts to a great part of the bakeries worldwide.

Vital issues for bakeries are:

  • Preventive maintenance and rapid exchange of wear parts
  • Remote trouble shooting through modems and AR etc.
  • Training & manuals.

Due to our engineers and technicians  many years of experience with tunnel ovens of various brands, we can provide the parts and the trouble shooting for convection and DGF ovens.

Also service visits and contracts are available to maintain a low risk production situation.

Find your local SENIUS contact:

    Main office – Denmark

    SENIUS Equipment Aps
    CVR No.: 34049068

    Industrivej 6
    8830 Tjele

    +45 87 99 01 00