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Green energy in tunnel ovens

Green energy in industrial tunnel baking ovens is an increasingly interesting topic in our industry.

Illustration of electrical tunnel oven.

By exchanging gas burners with electrical heaters in the convection ovens the bakery becomes more climate friendly.
One gas burner is emitting up to 45kgs. CO2 per hour and it blows out up to 10KWH of energy in the chimney.
By substituting the gas burner with electrical heaters, these emission can be eliminated to ZERO !
Many bakeries have ovens with 3-4 or more burners in one tunnel oven line, and many bakeries have multiple oven lines in their bakeries.
Government laws and regulations may very soon force the bakeries to do something drastically.
With the SENIUS Electrical Heater Insert a solution is simple and easy to implement.
Gas lines can be dismantled and electrical supply cables must be installed, that’s it.

Green climate friendly energy in existing tunnel ovens.
Simply replace gas with electrical energy

  • Illustration on SENIUS oven.
  • Illustration of heat exchanger.
  • Illustration on SENIUS oven.
  • Illustration on SENIUS oven.
  • SENIUS industrial tunnel oven.
  • Thomas Sehested using AR at SENIUS oven.

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Electrical heat exchanger:

  • Heat exchanger with electrical heating system
  • Fits into your existing oven
  • Fits various oven brands
  • Separate control box with solid state relays
  • Up to 200/300 KWH per zone
  • CE/UL marked


  • Precise temperature control
  • Sustainable energy use
  • No fossil fuel energy
  • No combustion gasses
  • No CO2 emission
  • Ready for new climate regulations
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Convenient hygienic execution
  • No burner maintenance stops
  • Replacement in a day or two
  • Remote installation: through Augmented Reality is possible!