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Live Training

In the current market circumstances, we at Senius are making an extra effort to keep our local partners and agents fully up to date with equipment news and trends. On a regular basis we hold seminars both on-line and in our production facilities in Denmark.

The most recent event was a live seminar held in Denmark, where our partners from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Lithuania, and Russia were all present and receiving both practical and theoretical training in the operation of our granola production equipment.

Our local partners are becoming more and more important for our activities and with a strong representation through our highly skilled local partners we are confident that we can provide our clients throughout the world with the best possible local assistance.

Anders Filt, Senior Sales Consultant

Sales Manager Anders Filt says::
“ Virtual training is good, but hands on is irreplaceable”.

Essentiality of knowledgeable local partners….

  • Asbjørn Jensen and Henrik Senius looking at Granola on a steel band.
  • Employees looking at a SENIUS oven solution.

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