Indirect and Direct Impingement Ovens

Versatile and Flexible Concept

The Impingement oven’s versatile and flexible concept offers an ideal solution for most products, giving bakers the ability to adjust and optimize the baking profile for each item quickly and reliably.

The SENIUS Impingement oven is divided into multiple zones, with each zone involving several 2-meter-long sections. The choice of the baking belt is tailored to meet the specific process requirements of the product.

Principal Description

The underlying principle is indirect air impingement, an enhancement of the well-established convection principle.

The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchanger positioned above the baking chamber. Importantly, the baking air is kept separate from the combustion air.

Additionally, Direct Impingement ovens are available, in which combustion air circulates within the baking chamber.

SENIUS Oven Benefits

  • Efficient and rapid heat transfer without flash heating.

  • Uniform coloring and humidity.

  • Straightforward operation with quick changeovers and full repeatability.

  • Hygienic design featuring large one-grip cleaning doors and inspection hatches.

  • A unique belt tracking system for reliable transport and precise product positioning.

  • Compact, low-profile design for ease of access inside and outside the oven.

  • A special Direct Impingement Oven option is available where combustion gas is introduced into the baking air, optimizing energy and moisture utilization from the burner flames.

  • Wash-down/USDA-compliant ovens are available, featuring the required stainless steel interiors and sloped drain bottoms.

SENIUS Impingement Tunnel Ovens

Industrial baking ovens for bakeries worldwide

SENIUS Industrial Impingement Ovens are installed globally, catering to a wide range of applications. The modularly designed oven sections can be seamlessly combined and optimized to meet specific process requirements.

SENIUS Equipment designs and supplies Impingement Ovens for the baking industry. Our offer ranges from single units to complete lines, and customized solutions developed for specific customer needs. A diverse choice of baking belts will ensure optimal results every time.

Are you in search of a versatile and flexible solution for your industrial bakery?

The solution is the SENIUS Impingement oven. These ovens offer an ideal solution for a wide range of products, empowering bakers to customize and optimize the baking profile for each item quickly and reliably.

What is an Impingement Oven?

Divided into multiple zones, each with several 2-meter-long sections, these ovens are tailored to meet the specific process requirements of your product.

The Impingement Oven can be configured to accommodate a variety of products, whether you’re baking delicate pastries or dense bread.

It all boils down to the underlying principle: indirect air impingement. This technique enhances the well-established convection principle, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the baking chamber.

Here is how it works:

The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchanger positioned above the baking chamber. Crucially, the baking air remains separate from the combustion air, maintaining the integrity of your baked goods.

SENIUS also offers Direct Impingement ovens for those seeking an alternative approach. In these ovens, combustion air circulates within the baking chamber, offering a different baking experience tailored to your specific needs.

In conclusion, SENIUS Impingement ovens are more than just tunnel ovens – they’re versatile baking tools that unlock great possibilities in your production.

Experience cutting edge efficiency with SENIUS Electric Impingement Ovens

At SENIUS, we are dedicated to developing the way you bake, and our Electric Impingement Ovens provide a solution for modern bakeries. Presenting up to 99.9% heating efficiency, these ovens redefine the standard for excellence in the industry. With a collection of customizable options and accessories, you have total command over your baking environment, including an electrical heating system controlled by separate thyristor control.

The SENIUS Electric Impingement Ovens not only offer excellent performance, but they also provide the added benefit of user friendly operation.

Installed worldwide across various applications, our modular-designed oven sections offer great flexibility. Tailored to meet your specific process requirements, you can combine and optimize sections to create the perfect baking environment for your products.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability with SENIUS Electric Impingement Ovens. Customized capacity per zone ensures exceptional heat distribution and precise temperature control, resulting in superior outcomes for your production. Say hello to a greener future.

Our ovens meet international standards and safety regulations, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. Rest assured, when you choose SENIUS, you’re choosing quality every step of the way.

Embrace the future of baking with SENIUS Electric Impingement Ovens and unlock efficiency, versatility, and success in your bakery production.

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