Granola, Crunch or Muesli

SENIUS Equipment designs and supplies process lines for the baking industry. Our offer ranges from single units to complete lines, and customised solutions developed for specific customer needs.


At SENIUS, we are very experienced in baking granola and muesli products.

Our cutting-edge solutions ensure the structure and bite of your granola product without compromising its distinctive characteristics.

Discover precision in granola production with SENIUS solutions:

✅ Automatic unloading with our granola paddle mixer

✅ Customized impingement ovens for the perfect bake

✅ Paddle cruncher system customized for your product’s cluster sizes

✅ Jet air and band hydro cooling for efficient pre-cooling

✅ Electric heating options available

The latest trends for granola, crunch or Müsli productions is to bake the products in the impingement style oven. SENIUS have solutions that optimises the granola structure and bite, without compromising on the other product characteristics.

Baking solutions are our passion!

Drawing of production line for granola


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