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Change in ownership

Generational change completed SENIUS Food Equipment is now owned solely by previous co-owners Asbjørn Jensen and Thomas Sehested. This transition marks the concluding chapter of our recently initiated generational change, and we are ready to take on the future challenges in the industrial baking industry. We will continue our joint journey of [...]

Change in ownership2022-10-28T06:41:21+00:00

Granola production ”The SENIUS Way”

Baking know how and technology Granola production ”The SENIUS Way” High quality Granola with a good crunch is a challenge. Cooling and shaping clusters are difficult tasks. Keeping consistency and flexibility is wishful thinking. Automation, easy operation and less cost is not a dream. SENIUS Food Equipment - [...]

Granola production ”The SENIUS Way”2022-10-20T06:47:52+00:00

SENIUS Green energy in tunnel ovens

Green energy in industrial tunnel baking ovens is an increasingly interesting topic in our industry. With the SENIUS Electrical Heater Insert a solution is simple and easy to implement.

SENIUS Green energy in tunnel ovens2022-10-28T06:42:00+00:00

Live Training

SENIUS Food Equipment Live Training In the current market circumstances, we at Senius are making an extra effort to keep our local partners and agents fully up to date with equipment news and trends. On a regular basis we hold seminars both on-line and in our production facilities in Denmark. [...]

Live Training2022-10-28T06:42:29+00:00

SENIUS remote assistance

September 4. 2020 SENIUS remote assistance is an addition to traditional communication platform It is times of Social Distance and limited travelling possibilities. Focus on digital communication is vital and increasingly demanded. The bakers, the technicians and other customer personnel can be in direct contact with our experts for: - [...]

SENIUS remote assistance2022-10-20T06:46:59+00:00


STEP UP YOUR CRUNCHY GRANOLA PRODUCTION! Automate your granola process and achieve a consistent production, with higher efficiency, and better product quality with a Senius “plug-in” baking solution. Reduce your variable costs and minimize your down time with this modern industrial process solution. SENIUS Food Equipment - Nedergaardsvej 32 - [...]


SENIUS Food Equipment & COVID-19

SENIUS Food Equipment & COVID-19 Baking know how and technology It is time of social isolation and we are all staying mostly at home. Travelling and exhibitions are closed down. SENIUS Food Equipment is enforcing our support to the business and customers around the world by the use of digital [...]

SENIUS Food Equipment & COVID-192022-10-20T06:43:45+00:00

Season’s Greetings 2019!

Sincerely SENIUS Food Equipment Season’s Greetings 2019! Wishing you and all those that you hold dear a joyous holiday season and New Year filled with blessings, good health, and prosperity. We look forward to working with you in 2020. Sincerely SENIUS Food Equipment A/S Henrik Senius SENIUS Food [...]

Season’s Greetings 2019!2022-10-28T06:48:02+00:00

AgroProdMash 2019

October 2019. SENIUS Food Equipment is represented on AgroProdMash 2019 by Anton Ohlert Moscow on booth #FC060.

AgroProdMash 20192022-10-28T06:48:33+00:00


SENIUS Equipment Aps
CVR No.: 34049068
Industrivej 6
8830 Tjele
+45 87 99 01 00


​Industrial tunnel baking ovens are installed world wide in almost any type of application. The modular designed oven sections can be combined and optimised for the markets products.


  • Impingement Ovens
  • Direct Gas Fired Ovens
  • Hybrids
  • Cooling Tunnels​
  • Baking conveyors​
  • Accessories​
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