Cakes in trays in SENIUS oven

Cakes in Impingement Tunnel Ovens

Cakes, such as the beloved muffins or popular cupcakes, are prime examples of baked goods produced in impingement/convection ovens. These cakes are typically baked on paper, aluminum foils, or various types of baking trays. Many ovens designed for cakes are shorter and feature wide belt configurations to save space.

As oven manufacturers we love the challenge that it is to maintain precise control over temperatures and airflow within the oven, ensuring consistent baking across the broad baking width.

The impingement/convection oven offers a multitude of process variables to control airflows, temperatures, baking from the top and bottom, and the ability to exchange moist air with fresh dry air, creating the ideal baking environment inside the oven.

Cakes of this type are often decorated and injected with fillings to enhance their delicacy. Hence, cups, foils, and trays are widely employed for baking these products, as they provide indexing, ensuring the consistent handling of foils and trays, presenting both advantages and challenges for bakeries.

Cakes are typically baked on wire belts, including the recognized OGB, but other belt types like woven wire mesh or even solid steel belts can also be utilized.

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