Cakes like the famous muffins or the beloved cup cakes are good examples of cakes baked in the impingement/convection ovens. The cakes are usually baked in paper or alu foils or maybe also in baking trays of various makes.

Many ovens for cakes are shorter and wide belt ovens for space savings. This makes it a challenge for oven makers to have very good control of the temperatures and airflow inside the oven, to assure that the baking is performed equal all over the wide baking width.

​The impingement/convection oven has many process variables for controlling the air flow, the temperature, the bake from top and bottom and the possibility to exchange moist air with new dry air to ensure the right baking invironment inside the oven.

This type of cakes are often decorated and/or injected with fillings to make them as delicate as possible. Therefore cups, fils and trays are widelyused to bake the products, as the indexing of the products are assured this way. Handling of foils and trays is also a challenge to bakeries withits pro’s and cons.
Cakes are usually baked on wire belts like the famous OGB, but also other types like woven wire mesh or even solid steel belts can be used.

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